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Whole Green Café News!!

Coming soon! baked and Grilled Salmon, Chicken Schnitzel.....

Our Golden Crispy Chicken, is fresh made, when you order it we make it!!!


Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

what are whole foods? Whole foods are foods that are complete and perfect in their natural state. They are as nature intended. Picture an avocado, a sweet potato, a bunch of Swiss chard, or an egg. They contain balanced ratios of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and countless other vital nutrients. They are not altered, stripped or refined in any way and our bodies know how to break them down and utilize them for maximum energy and potential. They are also organic, seasonal, and local whenever possible. This ensures that they are fresh, full of nutrients, and not contaminated with pesticides, chemicals or additives


“This was just what I was looking for fresh healthy food with great taste!.”